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Tim Coburn

Inside Out

Making the Story of our Lives

It's Our Story that Makes Us who We Are.

It’s the unfolding story, happening now, that makes our life meaningful, purposeful, worthwhile and fulfilling.

That’s why it’s so important.

Making the story of our lives can make us happier. When we find or decide our purpose, working on it improves how we feel about ourselves. It knits the threads of our life together, affirms who we are and binds us more closely to those we love and respect. 

Authenticity - Purpose - Meaning - Belonging - Fulfilment

It’s been a lifelong fascination for me – how do we find fulfilment in our lives.

I don’t mean fleeting happiness, but that long term feeling of a life, well-lived.

From what I’ve learned so far, it’s this. First, be yourself (authenticity); next, find a meaningful, overall goal that suits you (purpose); then, do things you really enjoy and do them well (meaning); and finally, join with others who love you as you are and help them thrive, too (love and belonging). As we create these foundations, the fulfilling story of our life unfolds.

There are many recipes for fulfilment. This is mine.

Inside Out

Inside Out began as a personal journal, a hand-written notebook. It’s now a life blog. It’s how I keep my story moving and where I keep memories alive.

 Inside Out is also a personal challenge.

As an introvert, the activities that make me who I am have always been relatively private. I’d like to change that. I’d like to share what I do, connect with others who share similar interests and share my life more openly.

Here it is.

The Story of My Life

We make our lives in different worlds.

These are mine.



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