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Tim Coburn


Inside Out

When we make the story of our lives deliberately, it starts on the inside, with ideas, hopes and dreams. They work their way into our lives, from the inside, out.

I started this blog as a journal and thought I’d bring it online as this website. It keeps everything together. In every day life, it gives me a feeling of unity, a co-ordinated sense of purpose, a way of constructing progress in dialogue with the world in words and pictures as my life, its journey and my story, unfold.

In my professional life, I worked with leaders and teams at world class companies. As their consultant and coach, I helped talented people know themselves, find their purpose and with others, succeed. Building on that experience, Inside Out offers my own take on how to Make the Story of Your Life.

A Bit of Background

I’m a father, fell-runner, poet and mountaineer. I love the outdoors and I’m fortunate to live with the Lake District on my doorstep. I ski and snowboard in the Alps and I’ve climbed quite a few classic routes and 4000m summits, including Le Dent du Géant, Aig. de Rochefort, the Kuffner Arête, Aig. du Peigne, Mont Blanc, Zinalrothorn and the Matterhorn.

Tim Coburn

My interest in poetry and art came after I turned 40. I like work that moves me emotionally, especially when it deals with philosophical, ethical or human questions.

My career in leadership development was motivated by a desire to help others succeed. With the revival of interest in purpose, meaning and fulfilment as enablers of well-being, engagement and leadership, I’m now offering Inside Out as a guide for Making the Story of Your Life.

Home and family keep me grounded. I’m working on my house and constantly supporting my daughters as they work their way through university and into life beyond.

There's Magic in Bravery

The header photo is street art in Chamonix by local graffiti artist, Sonia Guiollot. It’s Gaston Rébuffat (1921-1985), the alpine pioneer. The words inspire me, in every walk of my life. I don’t want to let it go. Ever.



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