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Tim Coburn

Humanity at Work

Great organisations are human.

So are great leaders.

It's a New Era

When we want loyalty from customers, trust from employees, respect from colleagues and support from our families, we show we care. They notice and appreciate it.

For years, operational excellence has demanded execution, improvement, profitability and speed. Now, a new era of ecological excellence wants empathy, compassion and kindness. Of course, we need the best of both.


And Change isn't Easy

Empathy, compassion and kindness – on top of execution, improvement and speed – is new, and demanding.

We all crave fulfilment. And we don’t have to look far for advice on how to find it.

I, too, have an idea you may want to try. 

It pays attention to the story of your life and your role in it as the main author, lead character, plot director, producer and narrator. Yes, it’s based on the strengths of narrative theory and uses your personal, self-directed agency to make it.

Inside Out is a guide to making the story of your life with these ingredients:

Authenticity - Purpose - Meaning - Belonging - Fulfilment 

If this appeals to show, I’ll show you how.

Know Yourself

Make Your Story




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